Kala Ukulele Reviews (KAA-15C Model)

Ukuleles or Ukes are popular stringed instruments with their origin in Hawaii. They belong to the lute family of stringed instruments. For this Kala ukulele review, the KAA-15C model in Soprano, it is evaluated based on its make, ease of use, and sound. The KAA-15C uke with concert scale is part of the limited edition ukes by Kala.

The KAA-15C is a good quality uke for beginners. The professionals can use it as a second instrument too.


Kala Ukulele Reviews Features

· Mahogany body and neck

The Uke’s body and neck is made up of layers of plywood with a mahogany laminate in the top layer. The brown Mahogany used in this uke is of excellent quality with a nice grainy texture. Compared to solid wood, the one with Mahogany laminates are more economical and do not get damaged easily.

· Design

It features a stunning, compact,and durable design withrosette engraving. The satin finish adds to the beauty of the uke. The nut used to make KAA-15C is cut to perfection for ease of use with tuning machines. This in turn helps to maximize the resonance of the uke.

Instead of using cheaper nuts to increase their profit margins, KAA has used an excellent nut and saddle for this limited edition uke.

· Fingerboard, bridge and tuners

The fingerboard and bridge are beautifully made using rose wood. The nickel frets are crafted well and can be better than the ones that come with some of the expensive guitars. The geared tuners made using chrome die-cast technique are helpful in tuning the uke.

Generally, cheap plastic is used in the low-cost uke tuners. But the KAA-15C comes with metal washers that enhance the performance and looks of the instrument.

· Strings

The KAA-15C comes with the Aquila nylgut strings, the best quality strings for ukes in the market. Usually nylon strings are used in beginner, low-cost uke models. Addition of Aquila strings for creating sharp sounds, makes the uke worth its price.

Another point to note for this Kala ukulele reviewis that the Aquila strings are well-known for helping musicians to create warm and pleasant music.

· Limited edition

The KAA-15C is a limited edition model that is exclusive to Austin Bazaar. This model is similar to Kala’s KAA-15S. Since it is a limited edition model, it is produced only in limited numbers so availability of the product ends once manufactured stocks are cleared.

· Kala brand

Kala is a reputed brand name producing high-quality uke instruments for beginners to professionals. The KAA series of ukuleles by Kala are limited edition with special features that are available at great price and deliver incredible value.



Model Number: KAA-15C

Dimension: 26 x 5 x 10 inches

Weight: 1.5 pounds


· This is an ideal instrument to start for young beginners.

· Compared to the other similar-priced ukes, this uke is inexpensive.It is clear with this Kala ukulele review that the uke is worth the price for its quality.

· Uke comes with high-quality Aquila strings that are soft and sound nice.

· Perfectly cut nuts that allow free movement of the strings thereby preventing issues related to intonation and tuning.

· The brand has not compromised on quality by using cheaper alternatives to manufacture this low-cost uke.



· Tuning the instrument takes effort till you gain stability. Additional tuners or musical instruments can be used for more help with the tuning.

· This uke is not suitable for people with big hands.



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