Mahalo Ukulele Reviews (Hano Elite Series MH2CE)

If you are a professional ukulele player or have been using a beginner ukulele so far, but would like to upgrade to something that can be played on a stage as well as outdoor concerts then the Mahalo Ukulele is a great option for you. It will cost you more than the regular ukulele but makes up for it in its exceptional build and sound quality. The electronics used areĀ also of great quality so that you can hook it up to an amplifier without compromising on the sound quality. It also has a cutaway shape giving it both the premium look and functionality.



Mahalo Ukulele Reviews Features:

The first thing that this ukulele screams out at you when you set eyes upon it is quality. The look, feel and the sound is great and the materials used are of the best quality. It features a true mahogany top and rosewood fretboard. The finish is exquisite and does look like an expensive piece of equipment. The body is Nato and arched so that you have access to the highest frets as well. The machine heads are gold plated and die cast so they will last a long time and will allow you to tune easily while looking great as well. The Aquila strings sound great and feel good and stay in tune. It feels good as well and the electronics pick up its vibrations easily so they can be transmitted electronically in an accurate manner when you are on stage. The frets lined with nickel will provide you with perfect intonation and great control over your bends and vibratos. Overall a great option if you want to buy the perfect ukulele that can be used during performances as well as the casual weekend getaway. Keep in mind that being a premium musical instrument it is not meant to be treated roughly but has to be handled with the utmost care.



Dimensions: 24.1 x 7.3 x 3.8 inches
Weight: 2.2 pounds
Wood: True mahogany
Finish: Concert body
Tone: Soprano
Saddle type: ABS plastic
Machine Head: Gold plated diecast metal
Fingerboard: Rosewood with nickel inlays


– Made of premium quality materials
– One of the best sounding ukuleles
– Great quality machine heads ensure the ukulele stays in perfect tune
– Arched bodywork provides great projection for sound output through a sound amplification system
– The nickel line fretboards are both accurate and assist greatly in string bending
– High-quality Aquila strings that sound great and are durable as well


– Expensive
– Glossy finish is a smudge and fingerprint magnet
– Saddle could have been of a better quality
– Is a bit fragile and needs to be handled carefully


Finding a concert Ukulele is an important decision especially considering the amount of money you will be investing in it. This makes it very necessary to choose the best Ukulele and not the most expensive Ukulele. The sound quality has to be exceptional, the build quality has to be the best and it has to look great as well when you are up on stage. The Mahalo Hano achieves all of this and much more. If you can buy just one ukulele for the rest of your life then this is one of the best options for that. It will provide you with countless hours of musical bliss.



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